Ubuntu black screen after boot

After upgrading a computer from Ubuntu This event can also occur on a fresh installation or when updates are installed. This is due to a video mode issue that causes the system to halt or freeze.

Thanks a lot, it solves my blackscreen issue after booting! Had this happen to me between package linux-image With the new kernel the system halts, with black screen and not responding to anything. With the older kernel, it works as it should with full HDMI resolution.

[Fixed] Kali Linux Stuck At Black Screen On Boot

So my solution will be to have the old kernel and see if next will fix this, and look for bug reports at Ubuntu. During install of Ubuntu tried to send error message, no go. Tried another disk, nothing.

ubuntu black screen after boot

Bios splash appears then nothing but a nonresponsive flashing cursor. Tried Windows rescue, nothing. After dual booting Ubuntu into system, I shutdown the system after a day and on restart, the goes into black screen. What do I do? I even tried by removing quite splash and added nomod set but still it goes into PCIe bus error. So I completely reinstalled the Ubuntu but still the same thing happens again black screen, PCIe bus error, etc. I have been trying the solutions all over the internet since a week.

Please help! Your Comment. Name required. E-mail required. Gael says:. LP says:. Gaurang says:. John B says:. Kamil Tkacz says:. Anders Jackson says:. Akhil says:. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.Just successfully installed Ubuntu Secure boot off, fast boot off. Used nomodeset parameter for both install and boot. After booting up Ubuntu from said fresh install, stuck at black screen with blinking cursor.

Boot options: nomodeset quiet splash or lack thereof doesn't make a difference. Stuck at black screen after boot from fresh install, Ubuntu Background Just successfully installed Ubuntu Partitioned around GB for Ubuntu. Used minimum install and option to install 3rd party drivers. Problem After booting up Ubuntu from said fresh install, stuck at black screen with blinking cursor.

Boot options: nomodeset quiet splash or lack thereof doesn't make a difference Most of the solutions advise nomodeset but I already did that Any help would be appreciated! Pilot6 Samleo Samleo 2.

If you are trying to install Ubuntu

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Sign up using Google. This page is only for reference, If you need detailed information, please check here.My system auto boots to a black screen.

All updates done. Kernel 4. When I press Esc, it loads my desktop and everything loads up within 5 seconds or less. When first power on this PC, after POST, it goes to a grey screen for around 5 to 8 seconds, then goes to the black screen where unless I press Esc, nothing happens. Maybe its a driver issue? What GPU driver version are you using?

And did you recently download a driver for your GPU?

ubuntu black screen after boot

What was the last update you made on the software? Also if you disable autologin and you login normally does it still happen? I disabled autologin and I can see the log in screen but that is still after the grey screen. Now on that grey screen. If i press esc or enter or both, I get booting options of " ubuntu, recovery mode," and something else. I can press e to edit the booting options of either.

I remember in older days of mint or ubuntu when you can add " nomodeset" and something else. I i meant to say it boots to a Grey screen first…then the black screen after that either automatically or I must press enter. Ubuntu MATE uses lightdm as its display manager. You can install another display manager but you must also execute a command to tell the system to use it.

Installing GDM will, quite likely, also bring in a number of dependent Gnome packages, too. Are you seeing these broken boots on a pristine system or after you installed vulkan, etc. Check out man apt and man apt-get. After swimming through a sea of online instructions, I just chose to nuke the ubuntu Everything seems to work solidly so far. Also make a Timeshift snapshot now that everything works so if you make another similar mistake you do not have to nuke the installation.

Glad you got it working. Return to Level1Techs. I have my system set to auto login. Ideas please? Thank you much. Goalkeeper September 29,pm 2. Also yeah which drivers are you using?Review your favorite Linux distribution. Welcome to LinuxQuestions.

Fixing Ubuntu Freezing at Boot Time

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Introduction to Linux - A Hands on Guide This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Operating System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started guide, with exercises at the end of each chapter.

ubuntu black screen after boot

For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration. This book contains many real life examples derived from the author's experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant.

They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. Ubuntu I've been running Ubuntu Today I got a update notification to upgrade to All went fine at the start. After it was done with upgrading and cleaning the packages it restarted and I was pretty amazed with the new light dm log in screen.

However, I did a restart right away to complete the install. This resulted in a black screen after the boot screen. I did get a "waiting for network configuration" at the first start up but didn't think any of it at the beginning and everything went fine. But after the second restart, I get the boot screen with the same message and then instead of a log in screen its just black. I tried restarting form battery source, unplugging all the usb's I had connected but still I get this black screen.

It a bit annoying cause at the moment I can't get past this, therefore I have no access to anything, so I'm lost in what to do next.The tutorial was performed on a newly installed Ubuntu system but it should be applicable otherwise as well. The other day I bought an Acer Predator laptop affiliate link to test various Linux distribution.

I dual booted Windows 10 with Ubuntu The installation was quick, easy and painless. I booted into Ubuntu. It was showing the familiar purple screen and then I noticed that it froze there. And it was the same story at the next login try. Ubuntu just gets stuck at the purple screen even before reaching the login screen. Please note that while this tutorial was performed with Ubuntu I have confirmed it with Zorin OS.

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Please check which graphics card do you have on your Linux system. When you boot your system, just stop at the Grub screen like the one below. You should see some sort of code like the one below. You should focus on the line that starts with Linux.

This incompatibility with open source version of NVIDIA drivers caused the issue so what we can do here is to disable these drivers. Now, there are several ways you can try to disable these drivers. Just add the following text at the end of the line starting with Linux. You should be able to type normally. Just make sure that you are adding it at the end of the line. So, what did we just do here?

Let me explain it to you briefly. In other words, when you logged in to your system and see graphical user interface. But lately, the video mode settings were moved to the kernel. Among other benefits, it enables you to have a beautiful, high resolution boot splash screens.

In other words, you disabled loading the graphics driver at this time and the conflict it was causing goes away. After you login to the system and see everything because the graphics card is loaded again.

In some cases, not using the graphics driver at all or switching to the open source driver may result in poor looking resolution.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. It only takes a minute to sign up. I have a problem with my dual boot windows 8 and ubuntu Actually I'm writing from a live of linux-secure-remix and I already used the boot repair tools.

I can access and use Windows 8, but I can't boot with Ubuntu also with recovery modethe process is interrupted after few seconds. You're probably running into one of many "blank screen" problems that have been common in the past year or so.

See, for example, these questions on this site:. There are many others, too; try this Web search to see them. Unfortunately, there is no one "magic bullet" solution, because these problems have multiple causes that require distinct solutions for each individual cause. Ubuntu Community Ask! Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Dual boot problem, black screen during the ubuntu boot Ask Question.

Asked 6 years, 4 months ago. Active 6 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 6k times. Lele Lele 3 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. Please elaborate: What do you mean by "the process is interrupted after few seconds?

How To Fix Black Screen After Login in Linux -- Linux lover -- Ubuntu

What, if anything, do you see on the screen?By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. It only takes a minute to sign up. I was using Host is Windows 8. After upgrade to I can see black screen and blinking cursor. Can anyone help? I am pretty new to ubuntu. My feeling is that it is somethign wrong with graphic drivers.

This is how I troubleshoot a non-starting Ubuntu in Virtual Box assuming optimal settings for a virtual machine were already made :. Install guest additions from command line. My guest VM was Ubuntu 64 bits and it was configured as 32 bits version. To change:. For me, none of the above answers worked. I solved this problem by disabling 3d acceleration on the vm settings page. This is quite odd since I've been using 3D acceleration flawlessly for months on that VM. It doesn't tell you what happened though.

This happens to me today after upgrade VBox to 5. The logon screen looks normal. After login in, however, the screen becomes black and remain black, while VBox manager preview showing the desktop. Tried various suggestions, the only thing that works is to disable 3D acceleration for guest OS Linux Mint When I got to the login screen, I turned fullscreen mode off, logged in, then turned it back on. It worked.

I might have just been lucky, though. I had the same issue installing Kali in VirtualBox, blinking cursors on the upper left corner. The simple solution for me was entering BIOS by pressing F10 during boot, and enabling virtualization.

Here is how I resolved the issue. I had installed Hadoop on my guest openSuse OS. There are several services which needs to be started to start working on Hadoop like. I added both the above start command in my.

I had a frozen black screen of the graphical interface. An Ubuntu

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