How to build a party bike

Build a mobile sound system for off-grid concerts and dance parties! This setup uses dual 12" PA speakers. A hidden below-board 24V battery keeps the handling stable. The flat-bed trailer design is easy to build, lightweight and durable. Compared to other trailer-based systems this project uses improved layout and components to greatly reduce weight and improve power efficiency without any added cost.

Overall power efficiency is 2x to 5x better than alternative setups. Total trailer weight as shown is about 95 lbs, compared to a traditional car-battery-powered setup at - lbs. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson.

Choosing the right speakers and amplifiers makes an enormous difference to the amount of sound you will get for the same cost and weight. I have complete build instructions here for making several sizes and types of efficient setup. The batteries are glued with silicone so they don't rattle or shift around. Silicone is weak enough that we can remove the batteries in the future if they ever need to be replaced.

SLA batteries normally last - charges, so that should be years unless you use it every day. I put plastic spacers around the bolts to protect the sides of the batteries from vibration. A strip of rubber should also work. I cut a piece of plywood about 6" wide and 18" long to go across the bottom of the batteries.

You need to get a strong connection between the speakers and the bed. Many speakers do not even have mounting holes good enough for this, if yours don't then you will need to drill new holes through the bottom of your speaker and use a bolt and fender washer on the inside of the speaker like this. The only catch is that the bottom of the speaker is not flush with the wood bed because of the rubber feet sticking out a little.

You don't want to just screw into the 5 mount holes that way because it will bend the speaker plastic. Put a couple of hex nuts or washers onto the 5 bolts between the bed and the bottom of the speaker to take up the gap.

After bolting on the 2 speakers I also strapped them together half-way up so they don't jiggle at all see the final photos. You can get that from digikey.

The batteries and breaker all use standard crimp terminals. On the handlebar is a Bracketron mp3 holder. It's made for cars so it doesn't attach to a handlebar normally. I used hot-glue to attach the bottom of it to the mount for an old bike lock a headlamp mount would also work.

There are lots of mp3 player holders out there with belt-clips and arm-bands and dashboard mounts. Most of them can be glued onto something that will hold your handlebars. An arm-band type may attach to your stem with little or no modification. Make sure your holder can handle the vibration of riding. A 6-foot audio cable plugs into the mp3 player and goes down the bike frame. It ends at the trailer hitch.Ever been to a party and been annoyed at having to lug your beer a mile up a woodland track?

Or not being able to bring a sound system bigger than a pocket sized iPod boo dock? Well, this is the instructable for you! In the next few pages I'll document how I built my very own partyquad, and maybe include a few pictures of the uber-hip parties that you know you'll get invited to once you build one and the multiple chicks you'll also pull, assuming you're male. I'm also going to apologise for the bad puns in the titles, as it's late and it seems like a good idea.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. OK, this is a bit of a tricky one. Due to the nature of the project, there is no real list of parts you need to go and buy to make it work. I begged and borrowed most of the parts for this project from friends and neighbours, and out of skips dumpsters in some cases.

Here's a list of the stuff I used anyway. If you're in the US, expect them to be about the same number of dollars. Things work that way Mini Quad bike some chinese knock off of a 70's japanese design - Free from a friend's neighbour Some steel tubing - Free from a friend's old bed 3mm ABS sheet - rescued from a skip dumpster by a friend's dad.

The rest around half a ton of it! Assorted engine parts - Free from old strimmer weedwhacker. My lucky break came when a friend mentioned a neighbour was taking an old childrens' quad bike down to the tip.

how to build a party bike

I walked home with him, and had a look at the quad. It was in terrible shape. The wiring looked much like a rats' nest, and all the metal was rusty. Many parts were also missing. However, all the main parts were there, and the engine turned over. That evening, I stripped the whole thing, and put it back together.

how to build a party bike

The next 2 nights my friend and I rebuilt the engine including a full carb rebuild to remove a mysterious piece of gasket that was floating around inside.

And it ran! It later loosened up to the point where I could wheely, but that comes later. As you see below, the quad looked MUCH neater stripped.Bike build team building is what we do best. Learn how supporting charities is great for your business and your team! This event was the highlight of our marketing kickoff. Our team members were beaming with pride in the work we did together that was supportive of the local community.

Having the four kids there to get their bikes and celebrate with us was just over the top. The process of working with you was seamless from inquiry to SOW to the handoff to the instructor and then the logistics at the hotel.

The instructor was fantastic onsite. The team loved his sense of humor and engagement with the team. We would definitely turn to you and your team for future similar activities! Remember that first, brand-new bicycle that you got when you were a tot? For many of these kids, this will be the first bike they will have ever owned, and your gift means Freedom to these young people.

Learn even more about bike team building! We could not have asked for a better event regarding team building! Thank you! This client was a bit of a challenge and she was flexible with the flow of the event and ran her interaction with the volunteers in a fun and interactive way. Thanks to them for making our day a huge success! What a fun time for a worthy cause. We also sent out a survey post meeting and responses were positive that we are planning to do the food drive event next year.

Huge shout out to our TLI Rep, she was amazing! Such a great feel-good activity. Highly recommend! Brainstorm 2. Problem-solve 3. Communicate better 4. Identify strengths of individual participants 5. Collaborate Effectively 6. And have tons of fun in the process. Our bicycle team building event is composed of one-hour modules to make the program easy to fit any time-frame. We offer a high-energy one-hour module were the group builds the bikes with just a few icebreaker events.

The Pickled Pedaler!

Something is wrong with your submission. End with a Bang!If you change your mind, here's how to allow notifications:. Stay in the loop! Get breaking news and big stories on your desktop. Notify Me. When prompted, click "Allow" you can always change your mind later. Search The Web Search Aol. May 14th AM. Getty Images You've probably heard personal finance experts talk about getting rid of your car and getting around by bike to save money.

This can be a good financial strategy. Switching to public transit, walking or cycling means no more car payments, gas or insurance bills, and maybe even the chance to stop paying for that gym membership. But you might not want to ditch your car, and I hear you. Plus, I'm a big fan of making money rather than cutting back. That's why I want to make sure you know that you can make money with your bike. Here are 10 ways to turn your bike into an income-generating asset.

With more and more cities adding bike laneswhy not take advantage of these creative ways to add a few more dollars to your bank account? Get paid to bike to work. Do you commute by bike? If so, your boss likely already knows, since you probably arrive at the office with your shoes and padded shorts before changing into normal clothes for the day. The idea is that you'd use this cash to help cover costs for a bike, helmet, lock, general maintenance and other expenses related to your commute.

Lead bike tours of your city. Know your city inside and out? Use your bike to show tourists around. You can create your own business from scratch, or partner with companies like Shiroube to lead a tour. Narrow your focus to a bikeable neighborhood or area with lots of cool and noteworthy landmarks.

They don't all have to be famous tourist stops, either. While a West Village bike tour in NYC might want to swing past 64 Perry Street fictional home of Carrie Bradshawas Shiroube explains, "Your local school, small but cozy restaurants, your friends' grocery shops -- all these are what experienced travelers want to come and see.

Bike Party Sound System - Easy Rear Rack Style

Getting started is as simple as filling out an application which whichever local tour guide company you choose. Work as a courier for Postmates.

Postmates hires couriers to deliver food, drinks, and other items on demand for people who live and work in major cities. When a customer places an order through the Postmates app, the courier gets a notification, purchases the item, and delivers it to the customer. To work for Postmates, you must be over 18 and have your own transportation.

While you could choose to drive, riding your bike means you'll keep more of your hard-earned cash -- plus get a workout -- instead of spending it on gas. As for that cash, how much can you make? Couriers keep 80 percent of the delivery fee plus percent of their tips, according to reports on Glassdoor. However, being able to choose your own hours is a nice benefit, as is getting paid to ride your bike.

Postmates isn't available everywhere, but check out their website for a full list of places you could work for them.Not only will there be a winning team that will face all challenges and build the best bike, but everyone will be a winner when they discover that the bikes they have built are being donated to children in need from a designated charity. Teams will be issued with a series of activities that will require them to communicate and work together creatively to complete them.

Once all activities are completed the bike building will begin. Once all bikes have been built and checked for safety, the winning team will be announced and medals awarded. This is when the magic happens. I also thought he was a great facilitator. Really made me feel good to see those kids get the bikes. Really like this one especially involving with charity bike.

Meeting up with the kids was also great. A heartwarming experience in the midst of our busy lives! It was interesting to see each persons personalities coming out when the pressure was on… The Charity Bike Build seemed really popular with the team.

Loved it. Lots of positive feedback and comments that the presentation of the bikes was a real tear jerker moment. The co-ordination was excellent! I was kept well informed before the event and Darren is a great facilitator. Overall it was a very positive experience. I hope we can use your services again someday. The staff were very happy with the Charity Bike Build program. There was a very positive buzz in the room while the activities were being carried out and everyone was involved.

I particularly appreciated the Make a Wish Foundation volunteers coming in to collect the bikes and tell us about what the foundation does. Darren did a great job in coordinating and facilitating the event.

As I only approached you at the last minute, it was great that you were able to provide your service at such short notice. Both challenging and fun with lots of other activities to keep people fully engaged in the morning. Having the children come to collect their bicycles at the end imbued meaning to the activity.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers.

how to build a party bike

New Arrival. MOQ: 1 Piece. MOQ: 1 Unit. MOQ: 1 Set. MOQ: 2 Pieces. Machinery Other Snack Machines. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance.

Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Gears 21 Speed 12 Speed 24 Speed.

BusinessType China beer bike. Contact Supplier. Frame: High-carbon steel frame 2. Brake system: Hydraulic Disc-brake 4. Transmission: chain KMC Brand 5. Pedal: 35cm Wellgo Brand 7. Bike size: mmXmmXmm 8. Power : W 9. Pedal beer bike for sale. It is the best way to have fun with friends or colleagues or families at the party,city and ect. We have CE certificate and the quality can be absolutely ensured from our part. But if you purchase the quantity reached our MOQ, it can be returned back to you.

What are your warranty terms9 Usually, one years warranty for the frame ,and half year for the bicycle parts. YoungBull Beer bike tourist bicycle for sale. Outdoor party bike 17 seats bicycle street beer bike park beer bike for sale.

We are definedly the best desicion if you want to start you're bussines or you simply want to buy other one. We care a lot all details of our machines, and we have long experience in manufactor it.

We are the only company in world that have CE homologation as a cicle, with the new European laws. EQT electrical stainless steel beer truck beer bicycle beer bike. New arrival mobile beer bike for sale. Question : Does your company accept customization9 Answer : Certainly.

We work with some experienced local brokers in some countries.A few years ago i decided biking with my friends would be more fun than biking alone, and what better way to bike with friends than for everyone to be on the same bicycle! Thus the Bus Bike was born.

I used nine bicycles, cutting and welding them into three single-speed triple bikes, then welding bars accross them, and finally connecting the three handle bars in an english steering setup.

It was pretty straight forward and turned and rode surprisingly well. With nine riders it was akin to a train.

Very fast, very powerful and very difficult to stop. I ended up taking this to burning man and all of the wheels eventually taco'd. Foreseeing this possibility i brought innumerable extras and thanks to the rugedness and universality of the design was able to throw random wheels on where ever they were needed. I did find however that single speed coaster brakes should not be attached because of the riders desire to back-pedal constantly. I used a standard mig for this project, be careful to grind away all paint when making the connections.

I found a saws-all really came in handy for chopping up the bikes and rounding out the connection points, pre-weld. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. The wheels ended up breaking anyway, and the chains were just so that they were all the same kind and saved time. So I wasn't building a beautiful bike. My strategy with the cut and weld was, make the three triple bikes.

I tried to keep them straight, as best i could for the chain line, and i tried to keep them about the same length. As far as design goes, you have to start thinking about your drive trains.

Basically I used crappy mountain bikes so most of them used multi-speed width chain, which worked out quite nicely. The way the chain worked was it went, big chainring to big chain ring, little chain ring to little chainring.

Anyway the only reason you need to think about this now is that when you weld the bikes together make sure you have similarly sized chainrings paired together on the triple bikes.

Basicaly i cut off the rear triangle of the front bike, the front column and the rear triangle of the second bike, and the front column of the third bike. Also i used some pieces of the steel tubing to support the connections as you can see in the photos. That is amazing! You should get a patent, and then when it becomes famous, claim your royalties!! But in all honesty, this is one of the greatest bike projects I have ever seen.

Good job!!! Very nice.

Beer Shed Building Episode 2 Bike & Beer Shed

Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. Now build a 9 person trailer with room for cargo! I've seen bikes with little gas engines attached, designed to fire when the pedals are used, adding a lot of power. Thanks, yeah it took a lot of work to get the thing moving but once it was going it was a train. The next one im working on is a 2X2 on abandoned rails. Made with a custom frame and just welding the bottom brackets etc. That would be fun to ride in a parade, just as long as you had eight other guys willing to go with you.

The more people involved in something, as in which way to go in this case, the more chance there is of disaggreement. More by the author:. Add Teacher Note. Did you make this project? Share it with us!

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