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Geofencing is the ability to track the location of the device using GPS, cell data, Wi-Fi, or radiofrequency.

The user will be simply notified when the tracked device moves into or out of the virtual fence on the map. Smartphones, tablets, and watches based on Android and iOS can be tracked through the geofencing app. We have collected the most up-to-date geofencing apps that have the above-mentioned function. While adding a new geofence you will be asked to create a name, add latitude and longitude, and also a radius of your zone. The app has a quite complex interface and it might take you some time to familiarize yourself with the app and the ways of creating geofences and different tasks.

The EgiGeoZone app is available only for Android devices. You may also like: Free parental control apps. The app will let you know if the kid has left the usual safe area and can be in danger. The app is free for iOS and Android but you will receive a suggestion to proceed with in-app purchases. The main feature of the app is to set location-based reminders using geofencing. Checkmark is a smart reminder app that will help you organize your daily routine or a business schedule.

You can add as many locations as you want with description and reminders to complete the task. For example, the moment you pass by the pet shop your phone will send you a reminder to buy pet food.

With this app, you can add reminders in a few taps, sort your tasks by distance and reschedule to-dos at any moment. The Checkmark 2 app is available only for iOS devices for 4. Geo Alert: Location Reminder is a location-based reminder app for Android device that will replace a standard calendar on your smartphone. Smart GPS based system will send you reminders of important tasks according to your current location and movements such as exiting or entering a predefined place.

The Geo Alert will notify you when you entered a geo zone you selected and even will send you a voice alert. The application has a simple and user-friendly appealing interface.

Geofency Time Tracking is one of the most advanced among modern geofencing applications created for iOS devices.

The app will monitor the time you have entered for or since you have left the marked geo zone. You can add a lot of different geofences via this app including your work, home or best places in the town.

You will have full records of the time spent in a particular place. Using a GPS can significantly affect a phone battery working time. The app is available only for iOS devices for 3. This app will send you reminders according to changes in your current location.

The developers give one of the possible options regarding how you can use this app.Are you also a parent with queasy nerves whose first thought is always about the safety of their children? Do you know a geofencing app for Android allows you to create a virtual boundary around your child? Yes, it does! First, let us find out why geofencing is needed. People who do not change with time are the ones making excuses for their failures. They need an assurance that their children are safe even when they are not with them to keep an eye on.

You need to make them understand the reasons for you wanting to use parental controls. They must realize that you do not have any ulterior motive behind the installation, and their safety is your foremost priority. Having a strong relationship with your child, based on mutual trust and understanding, always helps in the long run. After convincing your child about the installation, you have to download one of the parental control apps for android.

You get an immediate alert as soon as your kid steps in or out of the geofence. Bit Guardian is a renowned child tracking app that allows you to establish geofence surrounding your kid. Children are thrilled by the speed, and the dangers of road rage are unfamiliar to their young minds. Whenever a child exceeds the designated speed limit, you receive a warning. Spyzie is an amazing child monitoring appthat permits the user to keep track of their loved ones.

It does not require rooting or jailbreaking and is compatible with iOS as well as Android. It is a secure and safe application that renders services to customers across the globe. It is simple to create geofences using Spyzie, and parents receive notifications in time. The ultimate edition of Spyzie has some additional features, and costs a little more than the premium edition.

With a high ratio of customer satisfaction, mSpy is known for its unfailing service. The app is easily accessible and is free when you are installing it for the first time. The premium edition of mSpy offers quite advanced features, but it is expensive compared to the basic version. FamiSafe allows you to create and monitor multiple geofences. You need not worry about your children as you can track their whereabouts on the map and view location history in detail.

For geofencing, parents can select an area on the digital map, and the radius can be set up to 1km. The monitoring time of the geofence can be customized or adjusted. For example, allowing geofence to observe the child from 9 am to 9 pm daily. Parents can receive geofencing alerts by email. They can check all the enter and exit events from a place with a particular time and date stamps provided geofence is active. Kaspersky has made a name for itself in the industry by serving for about 20 years and helps in monitoring and tracking phones.

It enables you to define a safe area for kids to stay in and sends an instant alert if they step out of it. Kaspersky also sends notifications if your kid tries to access any unwarranted websites. GizmoControl provides exclusive security solutions for Android. Its geofencing feature is pretty accurate and easy to use for protecting kids from various harmful threats online. Using parental control apps does not indicate that you are not trusting your child, or you are a controlling parent.To be frank, you would always want to know what your loved ones are up to while they are outside.

So, geofencing can be of great help by notifying you if someone crosses a virtual border on the map made by you before.

In this article, we are here with a detailed guide on Geofencing and some of the best Geofencing apps for Android and iPhone that you can go for. Before we jump to our list of the 6 best geofencing apps for Android and iPhone, we mainly take location accuracy, battery usage, real-time remind, ease of use, pricing, compatibility, and limitation into account to make sure that it's the best solution for you.

KidsGuard Pro. Pumpic. Kaspersky Safe Kids. Spyzie. Gizmo Control Family. Sygic Family Locator. Among all the geofencing applications, KidsGuard Pro is recently bagging the hall of fame. The overall performance of the app is outstanding. It works in a stealthy mode that you have no need to worry for your children as you can select an area on the digital map and the radius can be set up to 1km. In additon, the working time of the Geofence can be customised or adjusted.

Above all, you can check all the enter and exit events from a place with a particular time by email. Let's have a look at the following Geofencing capabilities of KidsGuard Pro:. Try It Now View Demo. Pumpic is also a reputed geofence app. It is indeed a great app to keep track of your loved ones as it offers Geofencing and other comprehensive location tracking features like location history, real-time location tracking etc. One can track down from remote locations with the help of Pumpic.

The most excellent is Pumpic also enables you to restrict the usage of the target device. Kaspersky has been serving the industry for about 20 years and helps in Geofencing. The app is easy to use and friendly for the one without any previous technical knowledge. It also lets you define a geofence area for kids to stay in and alerts you instantly if they step out of it.

geofencing apps android

This app's parent endpoint is not stable and often hangs up, which leads to a poor user experience. Price: It has two editions. Spyzie is equipped with exceptional Geofencing features, which make your experience easier and convenient. This app can run in stealth mode to keep track of real-time location and send notification every time when target device crosses the virtual fence while Geofencing is active. Moreover, you have no need to root or jailbreak the device. It is compatible with devices running on Android and iOS operating system.

GizmoControl is a company that mainly provides exclusive security geofencing solutions only for Android. Apart from Android parental control, it is also equipped with antivirus support for Android and comes with a Geofencing feature which is easy to use.Geofencing apps have become a popular option, particularly among the parents who worry about the whereabouts of their kids.

The term geofencing refers to a virtual boundary that surrounds a certain geographical location. For instance, a virtual fence created on the boundaries of a certain city, neighborhood, etc. Geofencing apps alert you when the person who is being monitored enters or leaves the fence. To establish a geofence, you require two things: a smartphone and a geofencing app.

The geofencing app you choose must be installed on the smartphone of the person who is being monitored. After the installation of the app, it will keep tracking the accurate position of the target user. Whenever the target user enters or leaves the created geofence, the app will send a notification. Instead, it utilizes the existing sensors in the device.

However, you can consider using Bluetooth trackers to increase the overall accuracy which is not compulsory. The accuracy of the geofence can vary depending on the type of environment the target is in. For instance, you can experience better accuracy if the target is in an urban area. That is because such an area would normally comprise of plenty of Wi-Fi signals. However, when it comes to a rural area, the accuracy can be reduced, and you already know the reason.

In fact, there is no dearth of geofencing apps, but it can be difficult to distinguish the best. To make it possible, you will have to do plenty of research. However, we have done the difficult part on behalf of you.

As per the research we did, we were able to find some great geofencing apps with excellent features.

Geofencing: The ways your apps track you

You can choose one app from the below-mentioned list. We took several factors into consideration when choosing the best geofencing apps. For instance, we considered location accuracy, battery usage, user-friendliness, real-time tracking, compatibility, etc. KidsGuard Pro can be one of the most accurate and efficient geofencing apps in the industry. As per the experience we had with it, its overall performance is smooth and exemplary.

KidsGuard Pro can function behind the curtain in stealth modeso the target user will not detect it. Thankfully, it can select an area up to 1KM to configure the geofence. In addition to that, this tool allows you to customize the working time as you need. For instance, you can configure it to track the respective user from Besides, this app allows you to read a comprehensive report of all the enter and exit events.

This report is sent to you as an email for your convenience.

Create and monitor geofences

Try KidsGuard Pro.Geofences give devices the power to monitor a circular area in the world, and let the device inform you whenever it enters or exits that area. This has enormous benefits for apps that want to leverage location as a trigger.

A retail company could send a special notification to a customer near one of their stores with a special discount to tempt them in. A holiday resort could welcome its customers via its app whenever they enter the resort. With a limit of geofences per device, the possibilities are nearly endless! Use the Download materials button at the top or bottom of this tutorial to download the starter project. Feel free to leave the Project Name as is.

Leave the default value for Location. Select Create. You can run the sample project on an Android device or emulator. However, the actual geofence is not yet being created. Using geofences requires the play-services-location library added to your project. To do that, open the build. Your app also requires the device location to know when to trigger a reminder.

This permission is set up in AndroidManifest.

geofencing apps android

Because the starter project shows a map and the user location, the permission and runtime check were both already set up for you in AndroidMainfest. To manipulate geofences, you need to use the GeofencingClientso open ReminderRepository. Use the hotkeys you learned above to import ContextCompat and Manifest. Take a minute to have a look at what you have just added:. A geofence is defined by a latitudea longitude and a radius. To build your geofence, add the following method to ReminderRepository.

You use setInitialTrigger to set the desired behavior at the moment the geofences are added. A PendingIntent is similar to a normal Intent, except rather than happening immediately it will happen sometime in the future.If you are a parent of a guardian, then you should be concerned about the well-being of your child. To take some preventive measures, you can consider using a geofencing app that would track the real-time location of your kids.

In this way, you can get instant alerts whenever your kids would leave or enter a restricted area. Thankfully, there are plenty of paid and free geofencing apps that you can use. In this guide, I will list the best geofencing apps for Android and iPhone that you can consider trying.

A geofencing app can be used in different ways by any thoughtful individual. Some of the uses of a geofencing app are as follows:. Once the app is installed, it will let you set any area as safe or forbidden.

7 Best Geofencing Parental Control Apps for Android

In this way, you will get real-time alerts on your phone the moment the device would enter or leave the restricted area. Find My Friends is the native location sharing feature for iPhone that can also be used as a geofencing app as well. You can know where your friends are and even share your locations with them.

If you are looking for a reliable geofencing app for Android devices, then you can also try KidsGuard Pro. Though, the app does not support iOS devices as of now. This geofencing app from Kaspersky is designed to keep the growing needs of parents in mind. Sygic offers a wide range of parental control apps for Android and iPhone — one of them is the Family Locator app. This user-friendly application would help you keep a real-time track on your kids and other family members.

If you are looking for a free geofencing app for an Android, then you can try this option. While the app is not available for iPhone, you can freely use it on leading Android devices.

My Family Tracker is a cross-platform geofencing app that works pretty smoothly. This is a useful geofencing app that you can use on an Android device.

While the basic version of the app is available for free, users can do an in-app purchase for its premium features. This is a lightweight and free geofencing app for Android phones that is solely used to plot geofences. Just plot a restricted area and get notified of its activity on your phone. From the above-listed solutions, mSpy is undoubtedly the best geofencing app due to the following reasons:. The app is already used by thousands of people the world over. It will keep the user data protected and also offers dedicated customer support.

There is no need to root or jailbreak the target device to use mSpy. You can just install it on any standard phone and start tracking it. This includes photos, videos, contacts, call logs, messages, social media activity, apps installed, and so much more. If you are concerned about the well-being of your kids or want to track your spouse, then a geofencing app is a must. Since mSpy is one of the best geofencing appsit is recommended by experts and offers a wide range of features.

Skip to content.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. EgiGeoZone Geofence egmontr Tools. Add to Wishlist. EgiGeoZone is an Android Geofencing app which uses different sensors in your phone or tablet to determine your location and then to 'trigger' different actions when entering or leaving predefined zones that you can choose. It can trigger many actions directly, or simply display a notification on screen to do so. In other words, the app works in a similar way to apps like Tasker, which allows certain events to initiate an action on your smartphone or even a remote server.

Before leaving a bad review, please inquire for advice in the forum. The following actions can be triggered when entering or leaving a zone: - Contact a geofencing service, such as the Geofancy module from FHEM, to control home automation devices, or call your own URLs when entering or leaving a zone.

EgiGeoZone can interface with most home automation servers - Co-ordinate your car share. For example, if the driver leaves work, another person can be be automatically notified via SMS or email, allowing them to get to the meeting place on time. When you get back home, it turns Bluetooth off again, saving on your battery. Reviews Review Policy.

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geofencing apps android

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